Astrid Lindgren Nomination

Jane Mitchell

Award-winning writer of books for young people

Mountains to Molehills

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What's the story?

Nine-year-old Ruby drives her big brother Oliver crazy because he has to watch out for her all the time, but she needs minding or else she gets herself in trouble.

One afternoon, where Oliver goes to collect Ruby, she's not there. The only person Oliver finds to ask is Lukey, the strange trouble-maker from his class. Is it possible that he's done something to harm Ruby?

More info

Mountains and Molehills is published as part of the English Language Programme core reading syllabus for eleven- and twelve-year olds in the Revised Irish Primary School Curriculum.

Publication Details

2001, in The Time Seeker, Folens Publishers, Dublin, Ireland.

ISBN: 1 84131 0921

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