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Jane Mitchell

Award-winning writer of books for young people

A Rattly Chains and Howly Ghost

Shiver cover

What's the story?

On the day the school inspector comes to visit, Patrick Vaughan brings in a ghost for the Nature Table in his classroom. Everyone in his class knows it's a real ghost, except for the adults. His teacher doesn't believe him. The school principal doesn't believe him. Even the School Inspector doesn't believe him. That is, until the ghost gets out of his jar and spooks them all...

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This short story was first published in a collection of original ghost stories, entitled Shiver. It was subsequently published in a collection of short stories for Irish Primary Schools entitled Yarns.

Publication Details

1994, in Shiver: an Anthology of Ghost Stories Poolbeg Press, Ireland.

ISBN: 1 85371 300 7

1996, in Yarns: an Anthology of Short Stories The Educational Company, Ireland.

ISBN: 0 86167 512 6

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