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Into the Storm

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What's the story?

Bean travels out from base camp in a space buggy with her teacher and class to watch the two suns rise over their planet Stella Nova. An unexpected solar storm causes them to flee, but the storm hits the buggy and they crash.

With their teacher knocked out and the emergency life support system due to run out, Bean decides that she has to try to venture out in the storm to get help before they all perish in the poisonous atmosphere of Stella Nova. But can she make it to safety before it's too late?

More info

Into the Storm is a short story in Starlight,which is published as part of the comprehensive English language programme that is aligned to the Irish Primary School Language Curriculum.

Publication Details

2019, in Starlight, Folens Publishers, Dublin, Ireland.

ISBN: 9781 7892 7020 4

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