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There to Here

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What's the story?

Tanza's brother Benjamin thinks he knows everything. Because he’s a boy. Because he’s older than Tanza. And because his Papa put Benjamin in charge when he travelled to Ireland with Tanza, her mother and baby Gracie. But Tanza isn't happy about Benjamin being in charge: he's not her Papa!

Neither is Tanza happy in the centre where the family lives. There are the plastic bins for her to keep her clothes in. The window is nailed shut and the bathroom is down the hall, shared with five other families. But worst of all, the family is not free to find their own home. They might even be sent back to Tanza's home country.

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There to Here explores the experience of refugee and migrant families arriving in Ireland. It was published in the Irish Laureate na nÓg’s anthology Once Upon a Place, published in October 2015 by Little Island Books.

Once Upon a Place is a collection of short stories and poems by Ireland’s top children’s writers, edited by 2014-2016 Laureate na nÓg Eoin Colfer, and illustrated by world-renowned artist and 2016-2018 Laureate na nÓg P.J. Lynch. Each story and poem is based around the theme of place, being set in or inspired by a particular location within Ireland.

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2015, in Once Upon a Place, Little Island Books, Dublin, Ireland.

ISBN: 9781 9104 1137 7

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