Astrid Lindgren Nomination

Jane Mitchell

Award-winning writer of books for young people

Different Lives

Book cover (English)
Book cover (German)

What's the story?

A comfortable home, a loving family and a university education ahead of her, Sarah's life appears to be carefully mapped out.

But this kind of future does not rest easy with Sarah.

Under the seemingly controlled, ordered surface, sixteen-year-old Sarah feels a deep yearning to strike out on her own and live her own life - on her terms. Early one morning, she quietly closes the door of her Dublin home and heads to London, on her own. She has no idea what the future holds, or when she will next see her family.

She finds a job and a place to live, before teaming up with Flea. But when Flea is the victim of a knife attack, Sarah finds herself out on the streets and stalked by a ruthless drug dealer. Not wanting to admit defeat, she finds herself faced with difficult decisions about her life and what direction it should take.

Publication Details

1996, Poolbeg Press Ltd, Dublin, Ireland.

ISBN: 1 85371 507 7

(German Edition) 1998, Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag GMBh and Co. KG, Germany.

ISBN: 3 423 78120 3

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